real property and land use

Permitting and Land Use

Owning real property can be a challenge. As a property owner, you may be obligated to obtain zoning and land use approval from your local government before you can change the use or appearance of your property. The lawyers at Folds, Walker & Maltby are well versed in permitting and land use applications for all property types and sizes, including large scale developments. Beyond our experience assisting landowners with permitting, we have also represented local governments for nearly 50 years, and understand how most governments analyze and determine these types of issues. We use our expertise to better assist you in exercising and protecting your development and permitting rights, whether via the permitting process or in litigation.

adjoining land owner rights

Also as a property owner, you may need to use a portion of your neighbors’ land to access or use your property, and your neighbor may be illegally preventing you from doing so. Folds, Walker & Maltby can assist you to reach an agreement with your neighbors on these issues.  If it becomes impossible for neighbors to remain neighborly, and an agreement is out of reach, then the attorneys at Folds, Walker & Maltby are prepared to litigate these cases, including water rights and border disputes, in a courtroom or in a government meeting.

partition of real property

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer co-own real property with another person because of divorce, break-up, or the termination of a business relationship. The attorneys at Folds & Walker can help you partition the real property so you can access your equity and move on with your life. From residential to large scale commercial real estate and development, the attorneys at Folds, Walker & Maltby can assist you in all of your real property and land use needs.


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