Probate, Estate and Trust Administration & Litigation

Probate is the process of handling a person’s assets and debts after their passing. Folds, Walker & Maltby attorneys are experienced in consulting with families after the passing of a loved one to guide them through the probate process. Our team properly handles the claims of creditors and the ultimate distribution of assets to the beneficiaries when there is a will, or to the intestate heirs in the absence of one.

Unfortunately, sometimes a person’s estate planning goes wrong. A person passes without having done any estate planning at all, or a trust is not being properly administered. In these situations, conflicts arise and litigation may ensue. These situations may include a spousal claim against the estate, a claim by a child, objections to a claim from a creditor, the propriety of administration or distribution of the estate, or adversary proceedings contesting the validity of the will or trust. Folds, Walker & Maltby will assist you in determining whether you have a basis to bring a claim.


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